Entrepreneurship Consultancy Start-up Programme

Cele kształcenia

The 5 day workshop enables students to put into practice their technical thinking capabilities and to gain immediate reactions to their analyses and proposals of real business situations; thus helping in the sense-making of how theory is applied to practical situations. It is anticipated that students will be able to produce original and evidence-based thought to help the start-up entrepreneurs and be able to reflect upon how they were able to do that. The skills developed will be applicable for any student who wishes to make a professional impact in a family or small business, within a consultancy firm, within international organisations, or even to start up their own new business.


Full-time Henley Business School students Full-time Wrocław University of Economics students

Program szkolenia

Lp. Nazwa przedmiotu Liczba
1. Introductory seminars 4
2. The challenges facing start-ups and early-stage small firms 4
3. Understanding the motivations of founders and small firm owners 4
4. Process Consultation and the philosophy of Humble Inquiry 4
5. Personal competencies required for effective consultation 4
6. Consultancy business tools required for sense making and analysis 5
7. Tools for assisting entrepreneurs in the development of their business 5

Kadra dydaktyczna

Mr Keith Heron (HBS students) 

dr Karolina Daszyńska-Żygadło (MSF students) 

dr Agnieszka Klucznik-Toro (MSF students, guest trainer)


Konrad Sawras (business)

Kaja Kippenberg (HBS)

Daniyar Medetov (HBS)


0.00 PLN

Free of charge, available only for full-time Henley Business School and Wrocław University of Economics students


  • 15.06.2020-19.06.2020

Termin zakończenia rekrutacji: 2020-06-19

Wymagane dokumenty

  • Registration form (formularz zgłoszeniowy)
  • Copy of the Student ID

Dodatkowe informacje

The Entrepreneurial Capability Development Project requires students to participate in an experiential 3-4 day programme, situated at University of Economics, Wroclaw, Poland. Students are expected to work in small teams with students from Henley Business School, UK to help Wroclaw-based start-ups develop their route to market.

This project brings together the theoretical skills required for analysis and creative thinking, with the personal skills and the interpersonal skills required for engaging with fellow team members and with entrepreneurs who will attend the workshop. In the process, students will develop the confidence and competence to help entrepreneurs through direct interaction with entrepreneurs and fellow students.

This module will enable you to develop your entrepreneurial capacity and your understanding of the start-up process, though empathy and support for entrepreneurs engaged in the process of start-up.



Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu
Centrum Kształcenia Ustawicznego
ul. Kamienna 43, pok. 4 i 5
53-307 Wrocław

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